Easter Greeting

In the Gospel of Mark, the crucified, dead Jesus was not found in the tomb, but the tomb still resounded with a life affirming proclamation! The good news shared by the young man dressed in white was in the tomb and his words still echo throughout the world: “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here!” Mary, Mary, and Salome are encouraged to look for themselves, and then they are told to go and tell the disciples, and Peter, that Jesus is already going ahead of them and will meet them in Galilee. Specifically mentioning Peter’s name surely is a transformative detail in the disciple’s life!

The Resurrection of Christ still bids us to leave the territory of death and meet our Risen Lord in our “Galilees”. The places where we live, serve, pray, and struggle to not lose hope that death, indeed, does not have the last say. The women wanted to fulfill their duty, anointing the dead was an important sign of love. We now see too many photographs of people weeping over their loved one’s bodies. We feel their grief, we want to comfort and console, yet, we are not there. But we can overcome the distance and still serve them by continuing to do our duty, sharing the gospel in love as we speak up and word for the victory of Christ’s peace, truth, mercy, and justice.

The young man in white is seated as he speaks to the frightened women. Perhaps to meet them at eye level. May we seek to meet each other at eye level. May our Risen Lord bless us all through the knowledge, that no matter where we are, He is there. He has gone ahead of us, into the places where God has sent us to do His work. Let’s head out of all the places where He is not with the good news still echoing in our hearts! He is Risen! Alleluia!

Archbishop of Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Worldwide

Foto: © iStock / RomoloTavani

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