Prayer for Ukraine

Lord, Almighty God, 

As this morning brought news of destruction, we reaffirm that you are all powerful, you are Truth, you are the Good Shepherd that does not cower in the face of enemies.  In this faith we pray with and for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.  We pray their enemy be stopped in its horrific, destructive path.  We pray in solidarity with the innocent people of Ukraine.  Evil that knows no boundaries has entered their country.  Stand with all who defend those whom they love and the freedom that gives life and seek only to live in peace.

We pray in solidarity with the suffering even as we feel our helplessness.  We trust in you, Christ, to be there with those who are seeking your help.  You know what it means to directly face the enemy.  You have conquered the powers that lead to death, you have conquered death itself.   In your mercy, grace, compassion, and love, we pray, Lord, stand by and strengthen all who are so afraid and desperate to protect those whom they love. Protect them and grant wisdom to all who are working so very hard to save their country. 

Heavenly Father, hear our prayers for all your children.  Fill us with courage to do what we can to help those who stand against forces they alone cannot control. Grant us what is necessary to help meet their needs.  We ask this in the name of your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Archbishop Lauma Zušēvica

(photo: T. Rēdmanis)

Citi Jaunumi